Studio apartments in great locations in Helsinki

MCK Apartments and Nadja Mckenna warmly welcome you to Helsinki! Our job is to make your stay easy and comfortable. We provide personalised service and fully-equipped studio apartments in great locations in Helsinki. Check our apartments.

What do you value in your stay?

We all have travelled on either work-related trips or holidays. Nowadays, it is hard to find a person who has never stayed in a hotel or rented an apartment for the time away from home. Therefore, we have all formed some expectations, preferences, likes and dislikes about an accommodation.

There are certainly as many opinions as there are people. But we would like to concentrate on certain standards we offer in our apartments. We thrive to meet most of our guests’ expectations. Here are the things we are aiming for:

One of our main priorities is cleanliness and freshness. It is at utmost importance for us to ensure the fresh sheets and towels and perfectly clean bathroom and kitchen. The appearance is tidy, nothing extra. You find a  clean and comfortable home.

Secondly, safety and security. We care about safety of the guests and the apartments. Therefore, we ensure the safety precautions and necessary equipment in the apartment. All emergency numbers are provided. And we stay in touch throughout the stay.

And finally, our personal approach and support. We have standard booking, check-in and invoicing procedures. However, in between, we create the trustful relations with our guests. Any questions are welcome prior the arrival and during the stay. It is our pleasure to be flexible and adjust to the guests’ circumstances.

Attention to details. We keep the guests’ comfort in mind. And, while basics are important, we want to add a little extra to make the stay as seamless as possible.

Let us know, what is important for you during your stay away from home! Contact form for availability inquiries.