Make your business trip easier. Book and enjoy our tips!

It’s early December and now almost everyone feels how things are accelerating as time goes towards the winter holidays. Clearly, most of us try to finish things up before the year ends. We do more tasks and work quickly to stay on track with the deadlines. It is our goal to accomplish more, so that the winter break feels as relaxing as possible. This time is like a marathon, when we grasp our will, use all our abilities and go for it.
For some of us, this is the time for a few last business trips this year. How to make your business trip easier? To be able to stay on track and do everything planned even on the road, we at MCK Apartments would like to support your efficiency and well-being. Therefore, we thought of

Three things to make your business trip easier:

1. Use time to your benefit

2. Stay energised with regular meals, exercising and sleep

3. Rest your mind between the working hours

These all can be quite simple and things we do not give too much thought to. But at the same time, if they are ignored or not planned properly, it can effect your health or the course of work plans. It is especially crucial during the short business visits. We at MCK Apartments take these things into consideration.

First and the most important, we give complete informational support. We are happy to share our knowledge about Helsinki in order to help you make the most out of your visit. All our apartments are located in the city canter and therefore it is easy to get anywhere by public transport or walk. We advise on the public transport system and alternative options. And we are happy to plan your transport connections to avoid unwanted stress and save your time.

Secondly, all our apartments have completely equipped kitchens. You can cook your favourite meals, make a quick snack or have a cup of tea whenever you like. If you would like to cook a local dish – we are happy to provide some recipes! Unfortunately, there is not always enough time for cooking. Here we come in with our best recommendations for the breakfast, lunch and dinner options close to where you stay. You do not have to blindly go and look for a place suitable for your taste. Tell us what you like or want and we will give you a list of great cafes and restaurants that would most probably delight you.

The same goes for exercising. We, for instance, can recommend gyms, wonderful sport centres, swimming halls, outdoor facilities, jogging tracks etc. Just let us know and we will make suggestions just for you.

And please, do not forget to rest. Switch from work situations to letting your mind experience the local culture, relaxing with colleagues with an after-work drink, shopping or entertainment. Where to go in an unknown city? What to choose from the endless options? Who to ask? Do not waste your time on searching the internet, we have got it covered.

Book MCK Apartments and get the most of your business trip!


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