The New View

It is mid-October and Helsinki is pretty grey and wet this time of the year, but I feel energetic and want to stay active. Now, MCK Apartments has six nice studio apartments in the center of Helsinki and one more is about to make a great addition to the range. It does not however mean that that there is nothing to be done with the existing apartments. We are constantly looking for the things to improve. Like in August, we have changed the look of the apartment Urban studio in Kamppi located at Kalevankatu 22. It is a great apartment in an excellent central location, but it was just not warm and welcoming. I had this feeling, that it is not inviting and guests do not have nice memories of staying there. So, we started thinking what to improve. It is a studio, with great basics – good-size bathroom and full kitchen. It also has a loft bed above the kitchen area, but it is of a strange size – 120cm wide. It is good for one person, but is a bit tight for two. So, it was not an option of getting rid of the full-size bed. However, we did not want to miss an opportunity to use that amazing space. So, we add a comfy mattress and soft blanket, decorated it with lights, added books and a work of art – so it became a cozy nook for relaxing during the day or reading a book in the evening, great hiding place for kids and why not an additional sleeping place. The changes did not end there. Do you know what things make a place cozy? In my opinion, a living space needs texture (in terms of furniture, textiles), green plants and art. I realized there was only one small plant, one painting on the wall, also the furniture was arranged in some not-so-functional way. So, I went shopping! Exciting! I bought some great healthy plants – one to hang in front of the window and one large plant to stand on the floor. I’ve checked what paintings and posters I had lying around (just sitting in my storage or not fitting in its current location) and found two great ones that I could not find the place for before. Then I moved the furniture around, of course, I first had scrolled through few images in my head trying to imagine different settings. I was excited and pretty happy with the result – there was more space to walk around, now the body-length mirror became visible, the dining table was in a more logical place near the kitchen, plant added colour and brightened up the place and a poster and a painting just added character. I hope you like it!



So, this was in August. And now in October, we are planning our next project. We are going to freshen up our smallest studio, as it’s seen better days. We want to pain the doors and do some other smaller painting jobs, tidy up the kitchen and the bathroom areas. What we are aiming for is a fresh, welcoming look, sense of cleanliness and safety. Today we have done some shopping again! It wasn’t as exciting for me – just paints, brushes, sanding paper, wood oil etc. It seems I enjoy decorating more, but I really feel how good the new fresh look will be, so I can’t wait to do it. We have allocated two days next week, which was not easy, because the apartment is quite tightly booked most of the time. We will have to focus all our free time and energy in order to get this job done in such short time. Let’s see next week how everything works out!

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